Black masterbatch

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One of the factors that causes the polymer to degrade is the ultraviolet ray of the sun, which occurs when the polymer is exposed to sunlight. Soot is one of the most important factors to increase the strength of the polymer against atmospheric agents, especially the harmful light of the sun, to the base polymer, which should be uniformly distributed in the polymer bed, the black masterbatches of the polymer bonding company with 40% From the finest and most quality soot, it creates a great play in the polymer bed, which ensures better protection of the pipe, drip irrigation of geomembrane sheets in the sun, and also the physical and mechanical properties of the polymer against stresses. And environmental pressures are maintained.


The black color for the fiber grades of the best micronized peptides with glossy shades and with the lowest percentage of consumption, provides the best quality for short and continuous cuttings.


Types of black masterbatches

مستربچ مشکی هایدن
مستربچ مشکی هایدن
مستربچ مشکی لودن
مستربچ مشکی لودن
مستربچ مشکی نوار تیپ
مستربچ مشکی نوارتیپ
مستر بچ مشکی ژیوممبران
مستربچ مشکی ژئوممبران
مستربچ مشکی فیلم
مستربچ مشکی فیلم
مستر بچ مشکی الیاف
مستربچ مشکی الیاف